GCU Presents Emerging Project Canyon Worship With 3rd Album Canyon Worship 2019

First of all, we are not going to be clarifying our stance behind religion as a concept. Anyways let’s move on!

If anyone can harness their power of faith to create great music, then we are all for it. This time we are taking a look at an interesting artistic project called Canyon Worship and their third official album Canyon Worship 2019. Originally founded as a project from Grand Canyon University in Arizona, the group initially released their first EP back in 2015. Canyon Worship has continued to release music every following year, all created by the Grand Canyon University students actively participating in the program. Ten artists are selected out of all of the submissions, creating a competitive nature to this growing community. More and more artists are involving themselves with the project, as Matthew Odark (Jar of Clay) and Geoff Hunker (Satellite & Sirens) stepped up to the plate to produce the album.

“I’m really excited about this album. Hopefully, churches will be able to take in some of these songs and incorporate them into their worship services. For the first time, we’re releasing chord charts and lyric sheets to make it easier to do so.” – GCU Worship Arts Coordinator Dr. Randall Downs

A collaboration between talented artists is always a beautiful occurrence, and this album is no different. Canyon Worship 2019 blends gospel, Christian rap, and melodic pop to create a magical solution. The standout track is easy, “How You Love Me” expresses their love for their faith and at the same time created a bop that even neutral performers like us can get behind. The vocal performances are innocent yet hopeful, which adds the necessary optimism that our society needs today. Each of the students has one-upped themselves from the previous year and next year we expect Canyon Worship to reach the next level.

Make sure you check out Canyon Group 2019 on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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