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Eden of the East: What Would You Do With ¥10,000,000,000?

GENRE: Psychological, Romance, Mystery

DIRECTOR: Kenji Kamiyama

MANGA AUTHOR: Kenji Kamiyama

NUMBER OF EPISODES: Eleven and two films

YEAR: 2009


     Eden of the East is a very interesting anime released in 2009-2011. Eden of the East was released as a very short anime series, only eleven episodes. Over the next two years since its initial release, two films were released to finally conclude the series. Eden of the East follows Takizawa, a young man who brainwashed himself and first appears naked in front of the White House with only a gun and a cell phone. It also follows Saki Morimi, a college senior who travels to the United States for a college present and who, after a series of unfortunate mishaps, eventually returns to Japan with Takizawa.

Once Saki and Takizawa return to Japan, mayhem ensues.  We discover that Saki is also apart of an organization/company called Eden of the East (hence the series title), which is able to identify anything in the environment or society that is scanned. We also discover that Takizawa is actually apart of a game set up by a mysterious “Mr. Outside”. The goal? Mr. Outside gives you ¥10,000,000,000 and expects you to change Japan for the better and become on of its saviors. The catch? If you fail to become a savior or spend all of your money, you will die.

I was quite surprised that over the show’s short length (11 Episodes) that I was able to actually bond with these characters in such a short amount of time.  I wanted to figure out who he was just as much as he wanted to figure out who he was. I just wanted to figure out who all of the characters were, the ones that are not necessarily explained. There are twelve Selacao but there are at least four that are left out.  I am so glad that they explained who Juiz (The Selacao’s personal assistant) is in the final episode and they touched on it much more in the films.

     My original problem with Eden of the East was the length of the original show. Eleven episodes? They could have at least stretched the show into an even twenty, it made many of the plot points feel rushed in. Some of the characters have trust issues and they seriously get in the way of their friendship *End Rant*

“Noblesse oblige, I pray for your continuing service as a savior.”


  • Interesting, original story
  • Likable main characters
  • Political Unrest


  • Short number of episodes
  • Some Plot Points feel rushed in.
  • Anti-Climatic villain.

SCORE: 9.0 / 10 Stars

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