Canada’s Fake Shark Are Basking In the Aura of New Album “Afterglow”, New National Tour on the Horizon!

As we get back to getting our feet wet in 2024, we can’t forget about our neighbors up north. On our latest visit to the Canadian rock scene we are checking out Afterglow, the full album drop from Fake Shark. Canadian band Fake Shark has achieved remarkable success with over 4 million streams and 2 million YouTube views, earning them the title of “one of Canada’s best bands” according to Outland Culture. Their music has made significant appearances on Spotify playlists, including New Music Friday Canada and Ready to Rock, and has been featured in TV shows and commercials with international sync deals on platforms such as Netflix, MTV, and Apple. The band’s track “Loser” received three nominations at the 2022 Indie Awards, including ‘Album of the Year,’ ‘Rock/Alternative Group of the Year,’ and ‘Song of the Year,’ attesting to their widespread recognition and influence in the Canadian music scene. Fake Shark’s ability to cross platforms and mediums reflects their musical prowess and solidifies their position as a prominent force in the industry.

Usually, I will just write on my own throughout the year, and we would get together as a band in a studio with an engineer to lay down bed tracks. This time, we decided to rent a mansion on the water, hire an amazing engineer named Karl Dicaire, and set up a recording room in this library, and also show up with no ideas. Each day we’d get up, have a coffee, and Alex would get on the drums, me on bass, and we’d work out a structure for a song, just instrumentally, and then everyone would join in with ideas, I’d write lyrics while they were tracking, and you’d have a finished song by the end of the day! It was so inspired.”

Fake Shark has unveiled their highly anticipated album, “Afterglow,” via Light Organ Records, delving into themes of survival and personal growth. Lead vocalist Kevvy Mental describes the album as a reflection on navigating challenging times and emerging as a stronger individual. The record includes the chart-topping single “Exactly What I Thought You Were,” which claimed the #1 spot on the Breaking Alt Chart, showcasing Fake Shark’s musical prowess. With 13 tracks in total, the album features fan favorites like “Save Me” and “Bummer Summer,” highlighting the band’s established sound. Additionally, the inclusion of new original tracks, including “Kinda Like It” featuring The OBGMs, adds a fresh dimension to Fake Shark’s evolving musical journey, making “Afterglow” a significant and compelling addition to the band’s discography.

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