Brazilian Talent Kohen Releases Groovy Progressive Gem “Overload,” Featuring Mert Can and Garonzos

The more we follow and check out CONTROVERSIA’s line-up of releases…the more we acknowledge that we’ve been sleeping on the Brazillian EDM scene. On our latest visit to CONTROVERSIA we are checking out “Overload”, the latest drop from Kohen, Mert Can, and Garonzos, Even though Kohen has been an active member on the CONTROVERSIA roster since 2020, Kohen is no stranger to searching for the right label to fit his niche. Thanks to his dynamic and ever-changing style, Kohen has released on a multitude of labels including CONTROVERSIA, Spinnin’ Records, Musical Freedom, Hexagon, STMPD RCRDS, Sony, Universal Music, and Som Livre. This has also gained Kohen plenty of support from major playmakers in the EDM world such as David GuettaMartin GarrixAfrojackTiestoHardwell, and CONTROVERSIA label boss Alok himself! Kohen made a name for himself on CONTROVERSIA with his label debut “Waiting”, which has amassed over 2.1 million streams on Spotify. Since that debut, he’s made plenty of official remixes for talented artists and producers, as well as a handful of original singles that blow up even more than the last.

Even though Kohen is no stranger to exploring other labels, but we think that once you find your “home” label that is where you will truly thrive and create. This may just be CONTROVERSIA for Kohen, where he can connect with his fellow Brazillian producers and grow the scene that cultivated his initial love for music. This time around Kohen also recruited a few global rising stars including Turkish producer Mert Can and India-based producer Garonzos. With all three producers coming from drastically different backgrounds, it is truly amazing that their combined efforts ended up in an addictive single like “Overload”. A progressive vocal house gem at its core, “Overload” utilizes a deep yet minimal riding bass and groovy melodies to capture the audience’s heart, body, and soul. We need to keep our eyes on Brazil, because artists are going to keep thriving in a growing scene like this one.

Make sure you check out “Overload” on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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