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WWE NXT 2-12-14- Building up to the Arrival!

Hello everybody on welcome to my review of the February 12th edition of WWE NXT! NXT is a program that showcases the up and coming talent from the WWE’s developmental territory. Now I would like to apologize for being a little late on this one, but as we get closer to the release of the WWE Network, we get even closer to NXT: Arrival, and tonight’s show is sure to build up to the historic event, so lets get started! 

Natalya, Bailey & Emma vs. The BFFs (Summer Rae & Sasha Banks) &Alicia Fox w/ Charlotte

We open up the night with some Diva action. It would seem like Alicia Fox is attempting to become a BFF (Beautiful Fierce Female). Emma has been gain quite a lot of momentum lately with her debut to the main roster and how she will challenge Paige (c) for the NXT Womens Championship at NXT Arrival, add in Bailey’s budding rivalry with BFFs and we got a pretty good opening bout. Now the actual match itself was kind of slow and it saw Bailey take most of the damage, but Summer Rae kept it interesting with her constant bullying while she beat down on Bailey. The match ended when The BFFs walked out Alicia Fox and Emma locked the former Divas Champion in the Emma Lock to pick up the win!

Winners- Natalya, Bailey & Emma

Rating- 5\10: Even though the match was slow, it still got its job done, Bailey’s feud with the BFFs continue and now there may be an ally in the future for Bailey in the former Divas Champion Alicia Fox, there has to be a reason why the left her. Of course Emma gained so more momentum as she heads for the biggest match of her career when she takes on the NXT Women’s Champion Paige (c) at NXT: Arrival!

Colin Cassady vs. Aiden English 

The rivalry between Aiden English and Colin Cassady has honestly been quite entertaining! We’ve seen Colin defeat Aiden in a sing off, than we have seen Aiden threaten a handicapped Enzo Amore, and than last week Colin cost Aiden a match against Tyson Kidd, so its only fitting to see these two face off for what I believe to be the second time. The match was okay, i was hoping to see much more for these two since there rivalry has been so entertaining! To me the match felt a bit sloppy and rushed. Aiden picked up the victory after hitting Colin with The Directors Cut for the three count!

Winner- Aiden English

Rating- 6\10: Aiden picked up the victory here tonight, but I have a feeling this rivalry is not over yet. The commentators made a strong emphasis on the fact how they feel Colin can’t defeat Aiden, and I sure hope this wasn’t the final nail in the coffin for the rivalry, because its been just to good for it to end in that match!

Sami Zayn Calls Out Antonio Cesaro

Sami comes out and talks about his career and how he always takes steps forward in his career, but than says that for the first time in his career that he can’t move forward, Zayn’s promo started off pretty good, but go boring after while, luckily Cesaro came down and him and Zayn started to speak going back and forth and keeping it interesting. At some point it seemed like Cesaro had changed his mind and the two were going to shake on it until the crowd took over by chanting Pinky Promise, and as the two were about to Pinky Promise, Cesaro kicked Zayn in the injured knee and told him his answer was still NO! Triple H than came down to the ring and explained that the NXT Universe wants to see the rematch and more importantly He (Triple H) wants to see it, so he made it official that at NXT: Arrival Sami Zayn and Antonio Cesaro will face off in a Two out of Three Falls Match!

Tye Dillinger vs. CJ Parker

Tye received no entrance, so right away you knew this was going to be quick, that is of course you here the music of CJ Parker. Parker who faced The Miz not to long ago and lost to him, is not set to take out all his frustrations on Tye Dillinger. The match was quick, but actually not bad for a jobber match. Parker hits The Third Eye for the three count, but the real breakout moment here was Parker’s post match promo. Parker officially turned heel as he bad month the NXT Universe and practically pushed his Hippy Life Style on us before blaming the NXT Universe for all the worlds problem (Ex: World hunger) and than at the end said if the NXT Universe doesn’t love him, than he doesn’t love the NXT universe!

Winner- CJ Parker

Rating- 4\10- Now the match got a low ranking, just because it was a jobber match. This is actually the highest I’ll rate a jobber match since there so quick, but Parker looked good tonight. A quick win and a great promo definitely makes me forget about his quick loss to The Miz, and hoping for big things for CJ Parker!

Jason Jordan & Marcus Lewie vs. The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Eric Rowan)

The Wyatt family makes there return and quick work of it to! Marcus Lewie got no action in as Luke and Eric completely demolished him to pick up the quick victory!

Winners- The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Eric Rowan)

Rating- 4\10: It was nice to see The Wyatt’s but a little bit of a waste to put them into a quick match, could of just given Bray the mic and have him deliver one of his creepy promos, but again it was nice to see them

Bray Wyatt Post Match Beatdown & Promo!

Bray ends the night but stepping in the ring and hitting Sister Abigail on Jason Jordan and than cuts a face (Good Guy) promo stating that The Wyatt’s have already injected their poison into the NXT Universe, but NXT will always be there home. As I said before it would of been nice if they would of just given Bray the mic and let him give  a long promo before the end, but it was a nice change to see Bray pull of a face promo!

Superstar of the Nigh- CJ Parker

What a turn around for CJ Parker. Just a few weeks ago Parker was quickly put away by The Miz, and it honestly looked like the WWE had no faith in him, but tonight a quick and one sided victory plus an excellent after match promo not only makes him the Superstar of the Night, but now he is on my radar and now that I know he can provide good results, I’m going to be expecting more from The Moon Child!


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