Indie Group POPULUXE Release Concept Album “Beauty in The Broken Place”, One Year After Tree of Life Attack

In the music world, the image you portray to the rest of the world is often just as important as the sound itself. While wrapping up coverage for the weekend, we were surprised by the intriguing trio known as POPULUXE …

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Stadiumx Drop New Single “Where Are You Now”, Embrace Nostalgic Golden Age Big Room

When you have a pair of veterans ready at the helm, you know that you have to prepare yourself for the result. Taking a dip over at Protocol we have “Where Are You Now”, the newest solo single from Protocol’s …

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LA-Based Indie Group Historian Teases Dark Upcoming Rock LP With Single “Witch Hazel”

With the rise of streaming and the openness to a wide variety of music at our fingertips, the independent scene is absolutely on fire with unique content. While we have been busy planning out our December schedule, we were treated …

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Powerhouses Collide! R3HAB, ZAYN, and Jungleboi Drop Piano-Led Bop “Flames”

When you simply want to grow as an artist and a producer, casually kick down the genre barrier on your right. On our latest stop off at CYB3RPVNK we were surprised by the latest R3HAB drop “Flames”. Since his adventure …

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The World of Art Rock Comes Alive Within The Soft Underground Newest LP “Anemoia”

One of the most brilliant aspects of music is that it is a mere umbrella and every musician can find a stage to showcase their talent. While hard at work in our offices this weekend, we had the alternative rock …

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Swiss Duo Waysons Strike CYB3RPVNK Again In Their New Gem “Beyond Time”

While you may make an initial splash on your new label, the follow up is just as important. Kicking off our weekender journey we are stopping of by CYB3RPVNK for “Beyond Time”, the newest track from Waysons. They have plenty …

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Pokemon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back…20 Years Later

Title: Pokemon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back

Release: November 10th, 1999 (North America)

Director: Kunihiko Yuyama

Writer: Takeshi Shudo

Starring: Veronica Taylor, Ikue Otani, Rachael Lillis, Eric Stuart, Rodger Parsons

*Warning, this review may contain spoilers.

First off, let …

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Take a Beat to Slow Down With “Sideways” From Jack Trades & Kayrae

After so much bass music and grime the last few days, we need to take a moment to just chill out. Stopping back by Physical Presents once more we have “Sideways”, a brand new track from Jack Trades and Kayrae. …

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Talented Singer Songwriter L.A. Foster Showcases All Her Musical Influences in New Single “Keep Faith”

While the art of music has often been a collaborative effort, it all started with the individual talent. On our lazy Sunday we are diving headfirst into the Canadian independent scene to check out “Keep Faith”, a brand new track …

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Spanish Producers JP Candela & Sansixto Join Forces For “Big Up!”, a Trip Into The Ibiza Underground

Let’s take a quick trip over to a region where we don’t visit often (even though we massively want to), Spain. On our next stop at Protocol we have the Protocol debut of powerhouse JP Candela and his new track …

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