WWE NXT |6-19-14| Tyson Pulls the Trigger!

Hello my friends, and welcome to my review of this week’s edition of NXT! Tonight, after losing his second opportunity at the NXT Championship, what does the future hold for Tyson Kidd.

Natalya & JBL Segment.

Before the show begins …

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NXT: Take Over! |5-29-14|Is Tyson Kidd just Natalya’s Husband?

Hello my friends and welcome to NXT Wrestling’s second special, Take Over! The past weeks have all been building up to this and we have some great Main events tonight! A new NXT Womens Champion will be crowned tonight as …

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NXT Arrival- The Future of the WWE is NOW!

Opening Segment

We are treated to a nice segment where Triple H welcomes us to NXT and says the future begins here. Than we are treated to a new video package for the show. I kind of hope this doesn’t …

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