Sirius XM Announces Virtual DisDance Festival Featuring Literally Every Powerhouse DJ

While everyone is still relatively in quarantine and practicing social distancing, the concert experience has basically passed and in need of resuscitation. While singers, songwriters, and producers have been hosting their own live streams from the comfort of their own …

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Winning in 2017, Notaker Releases Final 2017 Track “Retribution”


After a month hiatus from us here at MiR, Notaker is back to end the year strong with a new track! Wrapping up our weekend we have “Retribution”, the latest from Notaker over at Mau5trap. Notaker has been rather …

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Let’s Peek Behind the Veil with ATTLAS’s “What You Do To Me”

While rumors were secretly making their rounds regarding the identity of ATTLAS, it is indeed not Deadmau5 behind the veil but upcoming producer Jeff Hartford. While many would say that Hartford’s success jump-started due to these rumors, we would like …

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Deadmau5: Meowingtons Hax 2K11: An EDM Concer

Hello everybody! Today we have my first review of a concert dvd, Deadmau5: Meowingtons Hax 2K11.


STARRING: Deadmau5, Sofi

GENRE: Concert

YEAR: 2012


As for my first review of a concert dvd, I am …

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