Protocol’s Marc Benjamin, Timmo Hendriks Join Forces W/ VY.DA For Big Room Smash “Hold Me Down”

Looks a good chunk of our Protocol vets are jumping into the major collaboration pool. On our latest visit over to Protocol Recordings we are checking out “Hold Me Down”, the latest from Marc Benjamin, Timmo Hendriks, VY.DA, and Alessia Labate. Marc Benjamin has been flourishing on the Protocol stage for quite some time now, showcasing his impeccable taste of brilliant productions. Benjamin brings his impeccable taste and knowledge in production to the Protocol team, which is always a valued asset. Our veteran this time around, Marc Benjamin, decided to make his comeback on Protocol for the single reason, to flourish on the Protocol stage. While Nicky Romero led Protocol Recordings has always been on the front lines of showcasing upcoming music artists, it’s refreshing to see even Protocol breaking their protocol to try something a bit more unique.

Alright, we know that we say that we are always completely supportive of major collaborations, but the amount of talent of these are starting to get ridiculous. The latest single to come out of the Protocol camp, “Hold Me Down” is a new festival house single that screams classic “big room” and big energy. A cumulation of the house music-centered sounds of Benjamin, Hendriks, and Italian duo VY.DA, the track feels as if all four producers have become a single entity, complimenting each other’s styles beautifully in order to create one amalgamation. As always, a big room progressive house track can’t be complete without the correct vocalist to lift our moods within the rising melodies, and Alessia Labate fits the bill. There may be five individual artists on this track, but they all blend and work together as one.

Make sure you check out “Hold Me Down” on YouTube below or over on Spotify!

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