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One True God Releases Deep, Emotional, Dark Electronic Cover of Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown”

Another week, another modern EDM cover…this time into the semi-dangerous territory. On our latest dive into the electric pool we are checking out “Love Lockdown”, the latest from One True God. While OTG has been an active producer on the scene since 2018, he originally made his debut back with mau5trap as a singer. He enraptured listeners with his powerful voice, opening the door for him to create and explore the darker side of his music. OTG was always leaning in and embracing the darkness while growing up in Canada, as he had always been drawn to nefarious characters like Spawn, Venom, and Blade. While he spent most of his life in Canada, OTG was able to attend high school in Dubai, thus expanding his palette for everything on a global scale. OTG has been wowing audiences throughout his producing career and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

People are much more in control of their lives and situations than they think they are. That’s just an important message, I feel. And it resonates deeply with me. I think that dedicating a project to that belief was important.” – One True God

With more and more producers pulling classic hits from the past and giving them a new fresh coat of paint for the EDM masses, one of Kanye’s songs was going to be on the docket sooner or later. One True God decided to take up the mantle as an independent release, giving Kanye’s 2008 hit “Love Lockdown” the 2022 treatment with a side of dark house.  OTG’s true signature style shines bright through the darkness, balancing both a minimalist production and a dark rhythm to complete a cohesive underground club production. One True God’s vocal performance is surprisingly close to Kanye’s original delivery, thus creating a remake that we could honestly see Yeezus making himself. While this may be our introduction to One True God, we’d say this is a solid jumping-off point to explore the rest of the OTG discography.

Make sure you check out “Love Lockdown” on Spotify below!

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