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After Plenty of Anticipation, The Funk Hunters Release Debut Album “Typecast”

After weeks and weeks of teasing, the album is finally here. Kicking off our weekend party trip we have Typecast, the debut album of The Funk Hunters over on Westwood Recordings. Created after the two brains behind the project, Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith, met in Canada while attending film school; The Funk Hunters have finally released their debut album that we have eagerly been awaiting. As almost everyone who follows us knows, we love it when an artist/group is able to stand out with a unique sound that puts them out in front of everyone else. We will not be surprised if this album takes over the airwaves immediately.

What The Funk Hunters have done correctly is to successfully confuse and build anticipation within their audience. After the two very different singles “Turn Down the Silence” and “Party Rockin”, it was rather difficult to decipher what kind of album this was going to be. Typecast can almost be considered a homage to the best points in music history, exploring prevalent influences such as hip-hop, classic electro, and disco. If you need an album to take you through the sonic ages of music, put Typecast on repeat. Now.

Make sure you give Typecast a full listen below:

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Credit – Rob Campbell

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