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Video Game Closet: Fear

Hello everybody! Today on our Video game closet, we have the horror game Fear.



Developer(s) Monolith Productions (PC)
Day 1 Studios (Xbox 360,PlayStation 3)
Publisher(s) Vivendi Universal
Designer(s) Craig Hubbard
Engine Lithtech: Jupiter EX
Platform(s) Windows, Xbox 360,PlayStation 3
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Dishonored: A First-Person Assassin’s Creed

Hello everybody! This Videogame Saturday we have the first-person stealth game Dishonored.


Developer(s) Arkane Studios
Publisher(s) Bethesda Softworks
Director(s) Raphael Colantonio
Harvey Smith
Designer(s) Ricardo Bare
Artist(s) Sébastien Mitton
Writer(s) Harvey Smith
Austin Grossman
Terri Brosius
Composer(s) Daniel Licht
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The Indie Shelf: Terraria

Hello everybody! On this week’s addition of “The Indie Shelf” we have the xbla game turned app, Terraria.


Developer(s) Re-Logic
Engine Software(consoles)
Codeglue (mobile)
Publisher(s) Re-Logic
505 Games
Spike Chunsoft (Japan)
Programmer(s) Andrew “Redigit” Spinks
Platform(s) Microsoft
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The Indie Shelf: State of Decay

Hello everybody! On this week’s The Indie Shelf, we have the fun survival zombie game State of Decay.


Developer(s) Undead Labs
Publisher(s) Microsoft Studios
Composer(s) Jesper Kyd
Engine CryEngine 3
Platform(s) Xbox 360 (XBLA),Microsoft Windows
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Bladestorm: The Hundred Year War

Hello everybody! This week for our video game segment we have Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War.

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War

Developer(s) Omega Force
Publisher(s) Koei
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release date(s) PS3
  • JP August 30, 2007
  • NA November
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The Indie Shelf: Battleblock Theater

Hello everybody! On this installment of The Indie Shelf, we have Battleblock Theater (recently gone Game for Gold).


Developer(s) The Behemoth
Big Timber Studio
Publisher(s) Microsoft Studios
The Behemoth (Steam)
Designer(s) Dan Paladin, Tom Fulp
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The Indie Shelf: The Stanley Parable

Hello everybody! On this week’s Indie Shelf, we have a video game narration game called The Stanley Parable.


Developer(s) Davey Wreden (mod)
Galactic Cafe (Davey Wreden and William Pugh) (remake)
Composer(s) Blake Robinson
Yiannis loannides
Christiaan Bakker
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The Indie Shelf: The Path

Hello everybody! This week’s Indie Shelf we have a psychological horror art game The Path.


Developer(s) Tale of Tales
Artist(s) Auriea Harvey
Michaël Samyn Laura Raines Smith
Hans Zantman
Marian Bantjes
Composer(s) Jarboe
Kris Force (Amber Asylum)
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Mario Kart 8: Same Game with More Tracks!

Hello everybody! This week we have the newest game in the Mario Kart franchise, Mario Kart 8.


Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Bandai Namco Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Director(s) Kosuke Yabuki
Producer(s) Hideki Konno
Composer(s) Shiho Fujii
Atsuko Asahi
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The Indie Shelf: Prison Architect

Hello everybody! Today we have a new more detailed version of Prison TycoonPrison Architect.


Developer(s) Introversion Software
Producer(s) Mark Morris
Designer(s) Chris Delay
Platform(s) Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Genre(s) Construction and management simulation
Mode(s) Single-player
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