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protocol recording Archives - Modern Neon Media

KURA Revisits Protocol W/ Newcomer Vedenzo For Bouncy House Single “Thinking About You”

It’s intriguing to watch an artist as they strike out on their own, even if to come back to one of their milestone moments. On our latest visit to Protocol we are checking out “Thinking About You”, the latest single …

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Nicky Romero & GATTUSO x Jared Lee Kick Off 2022 With Uplifting Hopeful Single “Afterglow”

When you lead one of the most prolific labels in the EDM world, you need to start a new year with a bang. On our latest visit over to Protocol we are checking out “Afterglow” from Nicky Romero, GATTUSO, and …

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Monocule Drops 8th Release on Protocol, Ethereal Dark House Single “Awakening” Ft. Sarah De Warren

Sometimes when you have a craving to work under a certain style, you just need to slip into your alter ego real quick. On our latest visit to Protocol Recordings we are checking out “Awakening” from Monocule and Sarah De

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Protocol Veteran Deniz Koyu Drops Necessary Uplifting Single “Next To You”

While many producers are out there making summer anthems or tracks primed for the club, there are a few out there that just want to make uplifting music. On our most recent visit to Protocol we were teased with “Next …

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What Would Make Raiden, Matisse & Sadko’s "Light Me Up" Better? An Official Music Video

This week we plan to showcase some of the best raw young talents out right now. Keeping our weekend vibes flowing into the early morning we have “Light Me Up”, the latest from Raiden and Matisse & Sadko over on …

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