Protocol’s Nicky Romero Aims to Keep Positive Vibes Flowing With New Single “Back To You”

As we enter almost a year in lockdown, musicians and artists are still trying to keep the positive vibes flowing. On our latest visit to Protocol we are checking out “Back To You”, the newest single from label boss Nicky

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Newcomers Antoine Delvig & SOVTH Release High-Energy "Gravity" on Protocol

Alright, everyone, it’s time for our weekly dose of Protocol. This week we are checking out “Gravity”, the latest from two of Protocol’s newest artists to join their lineup Antoine Delvig and SOVTH. While both acts are only at the …

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NEXT UP FROM PROTOCOL: Dutch Producer Sam Void’s “On My Mind”

Man, can we just call it right now, that Nicky Romero’s label Protocol Recordings sure knows how to pick their artists? Today we are coming with the newest from Protocol, which is Sam Void’s latest release “On My Mind”. Just …

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Italian Duo MAXIMALS Release “Enigma”, 2nd Single With Protocol


Hey all! We sure have been covering quite a bit of music here haven’t we? Well surprise, it doesn’t stop now. While MAXIMALS and the modern dance scene are still trying to work out the kinks, this doesn’t limit their …

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Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings New Release, Protocol Acapellas Vol. 2


Alright, can we all just agree that almost everything Nicky Romero touches turns out just spectacular? While that remains to be seen, Romero is back at it again with a new release from his label Protocol Recordings. I mean, who …

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