Detroit Grunge Songwriter Zilched Drops Self-Directed Music Video For 2020’s Single “The Knife”

More and more artists need to keep drawing influence from rock music if anything just to prove Adam Levine wrong. On today’s dive into the deep end of the indie pool we have “The Knife”, the newest track from the …

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Kandle Explores Women’s Liberation and Ode to Neo-Noir in New Single “Honey Trap”

Artists like Kandle only come once and a while, we definitely need to keep an eye as she blossoms into a brilliant artist. On this week’s first dive into the indie world we have “Honey Trap”, the newest single from …

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Thomas Gold Keeps His 2021 Momentum With Uplink and Matluck in Nostalgic New Single “Yesterday”

After the complete mess of a year that was 2020, we need to take whatever energy we can harness and keep marching through 2021. On our first dive into the EDM world this week we are stopping off at Protocol

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New York Producers Metabards Release First Self-Titled EP

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As also seen over at Neon Vision Entertainment:

Today we will be pushing the already loose bonds of electronic music. Make way for the unique musical duo Metabards, its time for them to destroy the trip hop scene. While …

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