Nicky Romero Connects With Visual Lab For Limited “Behind the Mask” NFT Collection on Ethernity Chain

If there was a producer that we thought would dive headfirst into the NFT market, it would be Romero. On our latest dive into the news,  we are eager to share that in an intriguing partnership with Visual Lab and …

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Sizzy Rocket Announces Brand New Limited Edition “Anarchy” Album Vinyl

When we thought the vinyl was a dead medium, indie artists are harnessing the medium’s quality and keeping it alive. This time around we have a special announcement, you can now purchase Sizzy Rocket’s Anarchy album on vinyl!. Officially debuting …

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New Rock Single from Canadian Prog Rockers The Unraveling “Revolt”

Hello everybody! I know it has been a while since we dabbled in music on this site, but it is time to change that!



What is the first thing you do after battling cancer and winning? You record new …

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