R3HAB, ZAYN, & Jungleboi Drop New Dystopian Music Video for “Flames”

After getting a surprise remix from Steve Aoki yesterday, what else could we expect? On our latest trip to CYB3RPVNK, we were also surprised by a brand new dystopian music video for R3HAB, ZAYn, and JungleR3HABboi’s 2019hit “Flames”. Since his …

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Steve Aoki Drops New “Flames” Club-Ready Remix From R3HAB, ZAYN, & Jungleboi

With an already impressive original track, we can only imagine how it would sound with another producer at the helm. On our latest stop off at CYB3RPVNK, we have a brand new remix of R3HAB‘s “Flames” from our …

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Powerhouses Collide! R3HAB, ZAYN, and Jungleboi Drop Piano-Led Bop “Flames”

When you simply want to grow as an artist and a producer, casually kick down the genre barrier on your right. On our latest stop off at CYB3RPVNK we were surprised by the latest R3HAB drop “Flames”. Since his adventure …

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