Protocol Veteran Deniz Koyu Drops Necessary Uplifting Single “Next To You”

While many producers are out there making summer anthems or tracks primed for the club, there are a few out there that just want to make uplifting music. On our most recent visit to Protocol we were teased with “Next …

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Singapore-Based Producer MYRNE Drops “Forbidden Lovers”, New Single About Separated Loves

We don’t travel to Asia often, but when we do…we are always surprised. This week we are heading on over to Ultra Recordfor “Forbidden Lovers”, the brand new single from producer MYRNE. Debuting on the electronic scene in …

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Powerhouses Collide! R3HAB, ZAYN, and Jungleboi Drop Piano-Led Bop “Flames”

When you simply want to grow as an artist and a producer, casually kick down the genre barrier on your right. On our latest stop off at CYB3RPVNK we were surprised by the latest R3HAB drop “Flames”. Since his adventure …

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R3HAB Teams Up With Artist Ella Vos For Dance Pop Ballad “Exhale”

In this ever-changing and brutal industry, there are producers that let opportunities slip by and the playmakers. Stating off our adventure we bounce on over to R3HAB’s CYB3RPVNK for R3HAB’s newest single “Exhale” with artist Ella Vos. Since his adventure …

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Protocol’s Raiden Collabs with Red Velvet’s IRENE For Her Solo Debut In “The Only”

It has been a minute since we have seen what Raiden is up to, and to no surprise, he’s back working with K-pop. This time around we stopped by Protocol for “The Only”, Raiden’s newest dip into the K-pop world …

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World Musician Mystic Pete Releases Newest Spiritual EDM Album “BassPop”


Let’s face it, in order to stand out you have to be unique. No one is going to take some lame duck out of the crowd. Mystic Pete is no lame duck. An acclaimed cellist, vocalist, radio host, and producer …

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New York Producers Metabards Release First Self-Titled EP

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As also seen over at Neon Vision Entertainment:

Today we will be pushing the already loose bonds of electronic music. Make way for the unique musical duo Metabards, its time for them to destroy the trip hop scene. While …

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Deadmau5: Meowingtons Hax 2K11: An EDM Concer

Hello everybody! Today we have my first review of a concert dvd, Deadmau5: Meowingtons Hax 2K11.


STARRING: Deadmau5, Sofi

GENRE: Concert

YEAR: 2012


As for my first review of a concert dvd, I am …

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