Is Will Powers Bringing Back Psychedelic Rock? Drops New Psy Rock Single “Same”

The alternative rock scene is an oversaturated market, but plenty of interesting musicians still continue to break through the class ceiling. On our latest dive into the indie world we have “Same”, the latest single from Will Powers. Conceptually born …

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Alternative Rock Band Shuffalo Teases Sophomore Effort in New Single “Whispers”

While they haven’t been making music together very long, these musicians sure have made quite a splash on their initial dive. While combing through our inbox this week we stumbled across “Whispers”, the latest single from alt-rock band Shuffalo. Forming …

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The First New Album in Ten Years, Puddle of Mud Drops New Album “Welcome to Galvania”

We know that we mainly cover electronic music on this platform, but we have to support our one of our favorite rock bands from our home area. This morning we were treated to a sweet surprise in our Spotify recs …

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The Young Blood Chronicles: A Film by Fall Out Boy

Hello Everybody! (I really need to stop my posts with this opening)

Check out my new site for all of your booze needs at The Electron Pub!

Fall Out Boy, American alternative rock band, has decided on a very …

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