Sludge Readies the Troops For A Dubstep “Emergency”

Quick! Hit Play, it’s an emergency! Nh we’re only kidding. Today we are marching on over for our dose of hardcore from Heavyweight Records for Sludge’s “Emergency”. After Sludge’s initial debut track “Blacksmith”, we were eager for what he would release next. Heavyweight has been a home for a more unique and darker selection of artists since its founding in 2017, focusing primarily on heavy bass and dark hip-hop. With a lineup of misfits including Gommi, Timmy Trumpet, GRAVEDGR, and now Sludge, we can’t wait to be made uncomfortable by whatever they put out next.

Sludge, you continue to assault each and every single one of our senses, but this time we are ready to rally behind your flag. By far one of the most intense tracks so far this summer, “Emergency” was inspired by the hardships Sludge’s parents endured living in Yugoslavia. The dread and foreboding are clear as day, as the track’s serrating synths and machinations manipulate your system to your breaking point. The track feels uncanny and uncomfortable, yet a driving force. Simply put, Sludge’s “Emergency” is not for the faint of heart.

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Heavyweight Records

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