Perth Experimental Band Scizzorman Drop 3rd Album “Schizophonic”, Expressing Mankind’s Journey Through Minimalism

While Perth may reside in one of the most isolated places on Earth, it is quickly becoming a thriving center for Australian independent music. Today we had Australian experimental band Scizzorman stop by with their brand new two-sided album Schizophonic. Founded all the way back in 2005, Scizzorman has dropped three globally received albums each pushing the artistic boundary that the band set forth. Scizzorman’s roster consists of talented musicians: Terry J Vinci spearheading on drums, musical nomad and savant Cody Robson on bass and guitar, as well as keyboardist Dorothy Helfgott and multi-instrumentalist Adrian Vinci. Backed by plenty of consistent radio airplay after their last album Buried Pleasures 2018 release, we can’t wait to see Schizophonic pick up even more traction on American airwaves.

As a whole, Schizophonic is an interesting piece to listen to. Due to its experimental nature, the sound styles and themes toe the line between modern indie and retro wave. Since Schizophonic is broken up into two sides, A for INTROVERT and B for OUTROVERT, this approach allows Scizzorman a wide field to stretch their minimalist roots and let each instrument take a moment to shine. While some artists will write their songs about achieving your dreams or past relationships, Scizzoorman takes the stage to stress many of the instances of how humans are crippling Mother Earth. Mankind is taking our society on a one way trip to Doomsday, so we can either change things or enjoy the ride.

Make sure you check out Schizophonic on SoundCloud below! The album is split up into Side A INTROVERT and Side B OUTROVERT

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